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Water Conservation

In an effort to save money and water, many Comfort Dental franchisees have adopted RAMVAC, a dry dental air pump system. The RAMVAC uses about 50% less water than traditional wet pump systems. Comfort Dental estimates its franchisees saved about 7 million gallons last year. RAMVACs have been utilized by Comfort Dental offices over five years. During this time, the estimated water savings has been about 34 million gallons. Currently, most non-Comfort Dental dentists use a wet pump system for patient procedures. Wet systems not only use more water, but also require more energy to operate. According to Dr. Neil Norton, “Many of our offices have invested in RAMVAC technology to save money. But with water becoming a more precious resource, it has also become a good investment in our community’s sustainability.” More info about RAMVAC,