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About us

Dr. Rick A. Kushner is President, Founder, CEO and CFO of Comfort Dental.

About us

Dr. Rick A. Kushner is President, Founder, CEO and CFO of Comfort Dental, the largest and most successful dental franchise in the world. He graduated from Marquette University School of Dentistry in 1977.  Dr. Kushner has always advocated, taught and pioneered the concept of accessible, fair priced dentistry. Dr. Kushner, has continued to be involved in the School of Dentistry at Marquette, from which he graduated, in 1977.  Dr. Kushner credits his relationship with the School of Dentistry’s dean, William Lobb, as a major catalyst for his support of the school. Under Lobb’s leadership over the past 15 years, the school has developed a curriculum that focuses on evidence-based care as well as caring for the whole community.

In 2012, Dr. Kushner presented a $1 million gift to Marquette, to the Building for the Future campaign, which supports the school’s 40,000 square foot expansion. Dr. Kushner’s gift created a fifth clinic within the school, the Comfort Dental clinic, which allows the patient care practice at the school to increase by an additional 24 stations. The gift also served as a challenge to other alumni to contribute to the campaign. “I was the first in my family to go to college,” he said. “As a first generation college student, I want aspiring dentists to have the same support and opportunities I’ve had. At the same time, I hope that I can encourage my fellow alums to contribute to the school’s expansion.”

In 2010, Dr. Kushner established the Comfort Dental/Dr. Rick and Cindy Kushner Scholarship Fund at the Marquette University School of Dentistry, Milwaukee, WI. The fund provides $50,000 annually for a minimum of 10 years. Five scholarships will be given away each year in increments of $10,000 to Marquette dental students. One scholarship will be given to a first-year student, one to a second-year student, one to a third-year student, and two to fourth-year students.

The School of Dentistry honored Dr. Kushner with the Outstanding Dental Service Award in 2009. The award honors outstanding contributions to dentistry either through practice, education or public service.

Lean & Mean

Dr. Rick Kushner is the most stimulating practice management lecturer of the past 35 years. Dr. Kushner is also CEO and President of Comfort Dental, the most profitable dental practice organization in the world. Now is your opportunity to learn Dr. Kushner’s practice management systems through his Lean & Mean Practice Management materials. Buy yours today. Comfort Dental. We’ll be there when you need us!®


A: “Lean and Mean” Practice Management

a 7 hour studio presentation of the basic seminar: includes philosophy, overhead analysis, collection policy, appointment control, marketing. Rick’s “flagship” presentation and foundation for all the other presentations.
Originally Priced: $195.00 / Closeout Price: $99.00

B: “Lean and Mean” Hygiene

a 7 hour studio presentation devoted exclusively to the hygiene department: includes department acceleration techniques from diagnosis, case presentation, delivery, scheduling, incentive pay-system, claim-filing, and hiring standpoints.
Originally Priced: $195.00 / Closeout Price: $99.00

C: “Lean and Mean” Group

a 7 hour studio presentation partnership format. Recapture 2-3 times the capital equity in your practice during your career, prior to retirement. This material, if implemented, will ultimately make the biggest positive impact on your professional lives. Rick’s favorite presentation.
Originally Priced: $195.00 / Closeout Price: $99.00

D. “Lean and Mean” Group Legal Documents also available with usb purchase.

Originally Priced: $100.00 / Closeout Price: $35.00


#1: The “Lean and Mean” companion usb

a 2 hour, 50 minute support video presenting actual patient encounters: includes Rick and his partners performing live initial interview, clinical exams, and case presentation. Also telephone technique, pre-collection, internal/external office tour and patient exit interview. A must for doctors having difficulty visualizing these techniques in an actual practice setting. This is a good teaching tool for staff.
Originally Priced: $195.00 / Closeout Price: $99.00

#2: The “Lean and Mean” Practice Management usb

the 7 hour presentation that was recorded from the last live seminar given by Dr. Rick Kushner. The content is the same as the audio tape version, but in USB format.
Originally Priced: $195.00 / Closeout Price: $99.00


The Simple Truth Newsletter, originally sold as a 3-year, bi-monthly subscription. Purchase the entire package as a set. Read these issues and gain a new perspective of Comfort Dental and the “Lean and Mean” philosophy. Learn, laugh, get mad, question the system, and share experiences in dentistry as you read each issue.
Originally Priced $379.00 / Closeout Price: $169.00